Ghrsah works with every type of
farmer to meet their challenges.

Regardless of farm size, farmers need to cultivate healthier, more productive plants. They are under increasing strain as a result of climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss, as well as changing consumer tastes and concerns about how food is produced.

We collaborate with farmers to extract more value from their crops while keeping workers safe and farms profitable.

Farmers will quit the land if farming is not financially lucrative. We also assist in the opening of marketplaces and ensuring that farmers receive a fair price and a decent profit.

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Vision & Mission

Ghrsah began with a clear goal of what it intends to accomplish in agriculture: "high yield of crops, at a sustainable level of production while fulfilling tough international criteria." We strive to accomplish our Mission: "To be our customers" first choice supplier." We endeavor to provide the highest quality fruits and vegetables to our consumers at extremely competitive costs through a professionally managed distribution system." That vision and mission are now represented in painstakingly controlled indigenous enterprises for cultivating, packaging, and transporting a variety of agricultural products.

our team

Out team draws on broad industry experience and networks to create the most powerful outcomes for our clinets

Saif Al Hashmi
Sa'ad Al Kharushi
Senior consultant
Khalid Al Kharushi
Senior Production Speclist
Oman Agricultural Assoicaion
chamber of commerce

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