Corporate Social Responsibility

Ghrsah's company culture prioritises being connected to the local agricultural community. We are dedicated to improving their lives via the highest standards of training and development.

The firm has made a name for itself by sharing its knowledge with the local farming community. Growers are encouraged by the provision of seeds, gardening techniques, and technological inputs. Our buy-back guarantee at a pre-agreed-upon price provides the contract framing community with piece of mind as well as a long-term source of revenue.

Student Outreach - At Ghrsah, we recognise the need of including the next generation in the development of a sustainable food supply. University student programmers give students the opportunity to learn about farming operations and to take practice-based courses in farming and sustainable technologies. Local and regional school visits enable youngsters to understand the fundamentals of farming and how their daily fruits and vegetables are grown.

Oman Agricultural Assoicaion
chamber of commerce

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