Corporate Farming

Ghrsah is a well-known corporate farming enterprise situated in the Sultanate of Oman that specializes in the production, packing, and transportation of high-quality vegetables and fruits to a diverse clientele that includes regional retail giants and wholesalers.

The organization has the capacity, infrastructure, and experience to grow and transport a wide range of vegetables and fruits throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

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Imports, Trading & Distribution

Ghrsah has created one of the world's largest fresh produce sourcing networks. This allows it to source high-quality products all year, whether from its own farms in Oman, its sourcing offices, or selected strategic production partners in key producing countries. It provides clients complete assurance that they will receive the fruit and vegetable kinds they need in the appropriate quantity, at the right quality, and at the exact moment they need them to provide the greatest possible experience to their consumers. Ghrsah Agricultural Systems' clientele include some of the Gulf region's largest merchants. Ghrsah delivers a consistent supply of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables to its clients throughout the year by using its experience in growing, sourcing, shipping, and sustainable supply chain management.

supply chain management
supply chain management

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our commitment to proactive communication and total openness has influenced how we distribute products and manage logistics. We understand what it takes to satisfy our customers' fresh produce distribution demands.

Ghrsah offers an unrivalled supply chain infrastructure for agricultural goods in the Middle East distribution zone, with vast capabilities across all aspects of the logistics chain.

Ghrsah ships goods to 10+ Middle Eastern countries in as little as 1-4 days (based on freight type).

Reduced lead times are intended to increase product shelf life and procurement value, reduce slippage, and ensure return on investment for customers in all sections of the supply chain.

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